I Went to Get My Skin Proper Help

No one told me that you can have major skin break-outs as an adult. It is highly embarrassing. I really missed the nice, clear skin that I was able to enjoy for so many years. But things changed, and I had pimples everywhere. I wanted to hide. In the end, it was looking into Manchester dermatologists for some skin help that did the trick.

I had done my best in the past to not wear a lot of makeup. When I did wear it, I made sure to buy the cosmetics that do not clog up your pores. And I mostly only wore these things when I had a special occasion, like throwing a party, going out on a date or maybe even a job interview so that I could look more polished and professional.

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How to Care for Wavy and Curly Hair

Curly hair may look totally carefree, but we have to level with you. There’s actually a lot of work that goes into keeping them healthy and looking good. And how you do that totally depends on your hair texture. Ready to refine your routine? We chatted with experts Morgan Willhite, Creative Director at Ouidad, and Tippi Shorter, Aveda Global Artistic Director for Textured Hair, and quizzed them on their most essential curly hair tips for every type out there.

The One Thing All Curly Hair Needs

For every type of curly hair, conditioning is priority number one. “Curly and coily hair don’t get the natural scalp oils that straight and wavy hair get,” says Shorter, because “curls and texture don’t allow for constant brushing, which is how natural scalp oils moisturize hair.”

Willhite agrees. “More than any other hair type, curls must be conditioned regularly,” she explains. “In fact, even the simple act of shampooing dehydrates curls; the warm water opens the cuticle, allowing the cleansers to flow into the hair shaft and rinse out many of the nutrients. It’s the same thing that happens to your skin after washing your hands – they just feel dry. This is why frequent conditioning should be an automatic part of a curly girl’s hair care regimen.”

Both experts recommend regular, twice monthly deep conditioning treatments to keep curls in healthy shape. “I recommend using the Ouidad Deep Treatment Intensive Conditioner [$26, ouidad.com] at least twice a month to combat curl-aggressors like the wind, air conditionings, and blow-drying,” Willhite says. Shorter swears by Aveda’s Dry Remedy Moisturizing Treatment Masque ($29, aveda.com). “It provides extraordinary moisture and suppleness to instantly transform even the driest, most brittle hair without weighing it down,” she says.

drew barrymore curly hair

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Wavy to Loose Curly Hair

What it looks like: “Soft, less defined waves that are approximately 2” wide. Hair is curlier with length,” Willhite says.

What it needs: Loose curls and waves have the tendency to fall flat. “I recommend products that will add life to those looser curls and waves,” Willhite says.

Shorter adds, “You may need a mousse or light gel to combat frizz when styling.”

Products to try: A volumizing shampoo and conditioner, such as Ouidad PlayCurl Volumzing Shampoo ($16) and Conditioner ($18) helps give loose curls and waves needed bounce.

Style hair with an ultra-light mousse to define curls and fight frizz. Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse ($23.20, moroccanoil.com) won’t weigh down waves.

Add a curl-enhancing mist for hold and extra definition. Fekkai Soleil Beach Waves Tousling Spray ($20, fekkai.com) helps lock in texture.

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Medium Curly Hair

What it looks like: Willhite says, “Hair that is ‘classically’ curly has wide curls with good definition, bounce and lots of volume. Occasionally two types of medium curls are found on one head, a bigger, looser curl mixed with tighter ringlets.”

What it needs: “Curly hair is usually soft to the touch, but needs a moisturizing system to keep hair smooth and healthy,” says Shorter. “As for styling, you will need products to keep hair defined and frizz free.”

“Classic curls should not use a brush or comb on dry curls which will cause the hair to expand and contribute to frizz,” Willhite points out.

Products to try: To keep curls hydrated, use a light lathering, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner such as DevaCurl Low-Poo Cleanser ($18.95) and One Condition ($18.95, devachansalon.com).

Aveda Be Curly Curl Controller ($21, aveda.com) is a light lotion that defines and softens curls. “The consistency is a serum-like cream that glides easily through all types of curly hair,” says Shorter. “The hair dries soft and touchable with a generous shine.”

Paul Mitchell Twirl Around Crunch-Free Curl Definer ($27.50, paulmitchell.com) combines a frizz-fighting gel formula with a moisturizing cream to help coax curly hair into perfect spirals.

solange tighter curls

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Tight Curls or Ringlets

What it looks like: Tight curly hair is “a mixture of 1/2″ to 1″ wide curls throughout the hair,” while another texture features “tiny ringlets of mostly Z-shaped hair when stretched,” says Willhite.

What it needs: The curliest type of hair is also the most prone to dryness and damage, so deep conditioning treatments are important. “It generally doesn’t have the protective layer that all other types have, so hair is much more fragile,” Shorter explains.

Willhite says, “I recommend sleeping on a satin pillowcase to reduce tangles. Also, air drying tight curls or using a hair dryer on low heat with a diffuser works best for this type.”

Products to try: Since tight curly hair is so dry, you can skip shampoo and just wash with conditioner. Try L’Oréal Paris EverCurl Hydracharge Cleansing Conditioner ($6.99, lorealparisusa.com) for a non-lathering option.

A leave-in conditioning product can also help moisturize curls and downplay frizz. Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Original Leave-In Moisturizer ($20, carolsdaughter.com) has cocoa and shea butters to nourish parched hair.

Once a week in the shower, use a hair mask such as Ojon Dry Recovery Intensive Hydrating 2-Minute Hair Mask ($29.50, ojon.com).

Whether you have slight waves or tight ringlets, remember that the key to keeping your curls healthy and gorgeous is getting personal with your routine. Once you’ve got that down, good hair days are inevitably in your future.

Tricks To Disguise Thinning Hair

Thinning_HairWith the introduction of anti-aging hair products, the issue of women’s thinning hair is finally getting the attention it deserves. Whether your hair thins as you age or you experience thinning your twenties (called alopecia, the condition is triggered by genetics and even bad nutrition choices), there are simple cuts, coloring techniques and styling tricks that can disguise sparse strands. We caught up with Diane Stevens, Lead Stylist for Nioxin (the brand known for treating hair thinning) on how she camouflages thinning hair on her clients.

Go Ombré
Starting with a darker base and slowly getting lighter towards the ends creates the visual effect of thicker hair at the tips. Go one or two shades lighter at the base for a subtle color change.

Add Multidimensional Color
Create movement and the illusion of fullness with this color trick. “Have your stylist use different tones and levels to create a soft, multidimensional look,” Stevens says. “Oftentimes, I use three different formulas to do so. I use one shade that is my client’s natural base color, one that is slightly lighter and a third that is slightly darker. This creates a look that includes a play of light and dark shadows.” However, she warms against too many highlights. This draws attention to thinning hair at the roots.

Create Volume With Your Cut
Adding layers throughout the hair creates lift, volume and movement. Stevens recommends a strong bang with soft layers like Michelle Obama’s or a side swoop fringe with soft layers like Jennifer Lawrence‘s. These styles “give the cut a much denser appearance and will make the hair look less fine and fragile,” she says.

Style It Right
“For instant volume, I love to start with Nioxin DiaMax ($50, nioxin.com), a leave-in scalp treatment that actually increases the diameter of each hair strand,” Stevens says. She recommends creating long-lasting shape by setting hair with hot rollers or pin curls. “Gradually layer in styling product and add as needed to achieve the desired result.” She also advises to not over-dry because hair will lose its manageability and fall flat.

What Really Works For Crow’s Feet, Dark Circles, and Bags

We all covet bright, wide-awake eyes, but genes and life’s late nights don’t always cooperate. That’s why we’re always on the hunt for the best eye cream to fight dark circles and bags and we’re constantly searching for the answer on how to get rid of crow’s feet for good. Not sure if your formula is working? We consulted cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Oscar Hevia, founder of Hevia MD Skin Science, The Hevia Center for Research and Hevia Cosmetic Dermatology in Coral Gables, Florida to find out what really gets the job done right.

What to do for bright, wide-awake eyes

Dark Circles

There are three causes of dark circles, says Dr. Hevia. “Some people have very thin skin,” he explains, “so you see the circulation of the blood vessels underneath.” Others actually have hyperpigmentation under the eyes, which means they have more melanin concentrated there than in other areas of the face. A third type is the “shadow effect” which occurs when a person has a natural hollow under the eye, causing light to reflect in a way that creates a dusky look there. Many people have two or three of these issues at the same time.

What you can do: Since only one of the three causes of dark circles is on the skin’s surface, topical creams are really only effective for hyperpigmentation, Dr. Hevia explains. Look for products that include Vitamin C, the lightening agent hydroquinone, and non-hydroquinone lightening ingredients such as kojic acid and arbutin. Murad Lighten and Brighten Eye Treatment ($67, dermstore.com) contains 1.5% hydroquinone that’s safe to use under the eyes. Vichy ProEVEN Daily Eye Corrector ($39.50, vichyusa.com) targets dark circles and spots with Ceramide Bright, a non-hydroquinone ingredient that regulates melanin and also moisturizes.

When the derm can do: If you have one of the other two types — circulatory or shadows — hyaluronic acid gel fillers, such as Juvéderm, are your best bet. “Fillers do a wonderful job of improving the way the light bounces off the skin under the eye to take away that shadowing effect,” says Dr. Hevia.

Eye creams for dark circles, crow's feet and under eye bags

Crow’s Feet and Crepey Lids

As we age, the skin around our eyes gets thinner, which leads to fine lines and wrinkles. Dermatologists distinguish between crow’s feet, the “squint lines” around the eyes’ outer corners, and the crepey fine lines on the upper and lower eyelids.

What you can do: For fine lines, “You want to use creams and lotions that are very hydrating,” says Dr. Hevia. “The skin around our eyes is the thinnest skin we have on our face,” he explains, so it loses moisture quicker than other areas. Look for creams with hyaluronic acid: “It’s a water-attracting gel that works beautifully in eye creams to help to bring a plumpness back to the skin to minimize wrinkles.” Try Hevia Skin Science Day & Night Eye Complex ($110, heviaskinscience.com), which features hyaluronic acid and antioxidant red mangrove extract to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Rich in antioxidants, peptides and moisturizing ingredients, Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream ($43.50, clinique.com) reduced eye area “smile lines” by 54% in test subjects.

What the derm can do: For crow’s feet and lines on the high cheekbone area, Dr. Hevia recommends injectables such as Botox, Dysport and Xeomin to reduce the action of the muscle around the eye that creates squinting. “Botox works great for the crow’s feet that are coming off the corners of your eye,” he says, but for lines under the eye or near the inner corners, hyaluronic acid fillers are a better bet.

Under-Eye Bags

We all have pads under our eyes that contain fat, says Dr. Hevia. “Genetic factors and aging make it so that over time, those pads actually increase in fat.” Allergies, salty foods and crying can also cause temporary puffiness around the eyes.

What you can do: “Most of the topical remedies for swelling under the eyes have a brief time effect,” Dr. Hevia says. “The truth of the matter is it’s only going to help for maybe 20 minutes, 30 minutes after application.” If you wake up with puffy eyes, massaging the area with the cool, metal-tipped applicator in Lancôme Génifique Eye Light-Pearl concentrate ($68, lancome-usa.com) can provide temporary relief.

What the derm can do: It may seem counterintuitive, but injectable fillers can actually help under-eye bags look deflated. “Fillers work beautifully under the fat pads, because you’re not filling the pad, you’re filling the circle under the pad,” Dr. Hevia explains. “It will totally change the way the light’s bouncing, and those pads won’t look nearly as bulging or big.” Surgery is another option; a lower blepharoplasty removes fat from the under-eye area.

Finally, The Most Important Under-Eye Tip Of All

What’s just as important as any eye cream? Sunscreen. “Most women don’t take the time to really apply it carefully in the dark area, and it’s amazing how much that can really help for patients with dark under eyes,” Dr. Hevia says. Protect your eye area like you do your face, with SPF every day, and you’ll see fewer fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles over time.

The 5 Rules of Luscious Lashes

Applying-MascaraDuring this sticky, humid time of year the last thing we want are globs of makeup. But long, luscious lashes — those are a year-round necessity. Follow these five rules to get perfect eyelashes without having to revert to time-consuming falsies or expensive extensions.

1. Eyelash curlers are essential. 
Sonia Kashuk, makeup artist and founder of Sonia Kashuk Beauty, swears by lash curlers as the key to giving lashes that “wow” factor. “Be sure to choose one that creates a beautiful upward curl, such as Sonia Kashuk Dramatically Defining Eye Lash Curler [$8.99, target.com], and with a delicate pumping motion, move from the lash base upward for maximum results.” And always curl before applying mascara, not after. When bare, “The eyelashes are suppler so the crimping of the lash doesn’t feel as damaging,” Kashuk explains.

2. Let lashes set between layers of mascara.
Practice a little patience between each coat. “Giving a little bit of air time between each coat will allow the mascara to set and build upon each layer instead of gooping up as one big clump,” Kashuk says. One of our new favorite non-clumping mascaras is Topshop False Lash Mascara ($20, us.topshop.com) — the formula adds volume while the wand combs and separates.

3. Prevent “spider lashes” with a lash comb.
Avoid spidery clumps by combing lashes after applying mascara. “A metal-toothed lash comb is key; apply a coat, wait a few seconds, brush through eyelashes, and then apply the next coat.” Sonia Kashuk’s new double-ended Lashify Mascara ($6.99, soniakashuk.com) comes complete with a lash comb for quick brushing.

4. Don’t layer different mascaras.
“I wouldn’t recommend this, as some formulas will not mix well and end up clumping,” Kashuk says. However, some mixing and matching does work. If there’s a wand you perfer over another, clean it off and use with your favorite formula or as a lash comb.

5. Condition and treat your lashes daily.
Just like your hair, your lashes need a little TLC. Lash conditioners, such as Dior Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum ($28.50, sephora.com) work as a primer, creating a smooth surface for mascara. Growth treatments like Latisse “stimulate the eyelash growth cycle, making it longer, so lashes come in longer, darker and thicker,” says Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, Co-director of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery in Washington, DC. Full results take within 2-3 months, while improvements show within 4 weeks.

Your Ultimate Guide to Home Hair Color

how to dye hair at homeWith the Pinterest diligently fanning the flames of DIY culture, it’s becoming more and more common to tend to your beauty routines at home. Mani/pedis, tanning, and even waxing have all become acceptable to do in the comfort of one’s own home, and with the rise of high quality box dyes, home hair color is no exception.

Unless you plan on taking black hair to platinum blonde, there’s no reason why you can’t touch up your own hair color at home (and save some money in the process). Of course, if you don’t know what you’re doing you could end up making a very costly mistake. To help you avoid that, we’ve put together this list of handy things to know when dyeing your hair at home.

1. Check the box.

Obviously the first step in dying your hair at home is to choose the right box of hair dye. Try to choose one that has the least amount of harmful ingredients such as ammonia, peroxide, and alcohol to avoid excessive dryness and breakage. Semi and demi-permanent hair dyes will deposit color but won’t lift, making them far less hard on your hair than permanent dyes are.

Another thing to look for when choosing a box of hair dye is, naturally, the right shade for you. Don’t just rely on the picture of the model on the box; it can be misleading. Instead, focus on the words used to describe the shade and the numbers that designate the relative darkness.

Colors described as Ash will have more green tones in them and are good for people looking to combat brassiness. Golden will incorporate more yellow tones and are great for people looking to conceal grey hair. Anything with the word Violet in it will have purple tones. Neutral can mean several different things, but usually implies a blue base to the shade.

The number tells you how dark the dye will be. Hair dye is described on a scale from 1 (black) to 12 (platinum blonde), so the lower the number, the deeper the shade. So if you see a model with light blonde hair on a box labeled 4A (Ash Blonde), you’ll know better than to believe it; on a scale of one to twelve, a 4 is quite dark! Use the shade guide on the side of the box as a guide to how the color will work on your hair; it’s far more reliable than the illustration on the front.

2. Dirty hair is best.

It’s always best to dye hair that hasn’t been washed recently; the hair’s natural oils help to protect strands as they process. This is just one more reason why doing your hair at home can be great: nobody really enjoys showing up at the salon with dirty hair, even if it is recommended.

3. Always follow safety precautions.

Before you even think about starting to dye your hair, carefully read all of the instructions on the box. There are important safety steps that you should never skip. That part about the patch test? Essential, especially if you’re using a new brand. Certain ingredients (in dark dyes especially) can cause peculiar skin reactions, so it’s best to be very sure that won’t happen to you.

You should also always wear gloves to protect your nails and skin. Box dye usually contains one pair, but you should always have a second pair onhand to wear when you wash the color out of your hair (trust us, you don’t want to stain your manicure while you scrub). Finally, make sure you dye your hair in a well-ventilated area. Nobody wants to get woozy with a head full of color!

4. Vaseline and olive oil are your best friends.

Always have a tub of Vaseline on hand when you’re dying your hair, especially if you’re going with a dark color. A generous dab of Vaseline (or really any thick, petroleum-based moisturizer) along your temples, hairline, neck, and ears will keep the hair dye from staining your skin.

It’s a cheap and effective solution, and you’ll be wishing you took the time to do it when you wind up with blotchy dye stains on your skin. But if you do, you can remove them by soaking a cotton ball in olive oil and rubbing over the affected areas. It truly is a miracle.

5. Have reasonable expectations.

A little science to lay on you: the developer in box dye (which causes the color to change) is usually 20 volume. The higher the volume, the more color it can lift. 20 volume will shift your hair up to two shades (depending on your hair’s natural color), but no further. Bigger changes require multiple processings or a higher volume developer—which you should NOT use yourself!

This is why you’re always being told that it’s a bad idea to try to go more than two shades lighter (or darker) than your natural hair color using a box dye. That 20 volume developer can only do so much! Consider box dye a tool to maintain or make subtle changes to your color, not something to transform your entire head.

If you absolutely must change your hair color as drastically as possible, then it’s best to have a professional do it at a salon.

6. Beware of dyeing already-colored hair.

If your hair already has one (or more) shades of hair dye in it, proceed with caution. It’s a much more complicated process to get an even, undamaged result with pre-dyed hair, and it’s better to have a professional do it: the risks of patchy or stripy color, hot roots and overprocessing-related chemical haircuts are just too great!

So if you’ve dyed your hair recently, think twice about attempting to dye over it (even with the same color).

7. Don’t forget the upkeep.

So now you’ve managed to dye your hair the color that you want without any major mishaps. Congrats! You look gorgeous! But don’t stop there, unless you want to spoil all of your hard work. Just as important as the dyeing process itself is the necessary upkeep that follows.

You want your new color to last, and the best way to do that is by making sure not to wash it too frequently (dry shampoo will be your lifesaver), use color-protecting products, protect your hair from the sun with hats and spray-on sunscreen, limit heat-styling, and condition it well (especially if any sort of bleach was involved!).

Now you can dye your hair at home safely and with confidence!

101 Ways To Make Your Eyes Pop

101-Eyes_ArticleMakeup Tricks

1. If you have a hard time using soft eyeliner pencils, draw a thick line onto your hand, use a stiff eye brush to pick up the pigment and then apply to your eye.

2. Need eye drops but don’t want to ruin your makeup? Breathe air in through your nose as you drop them into your eyes. Your tear ducts will suck in the drops before they have a chance to fall down your face.

3. Use a flesh colored liner on the water rim of your lower lash line to make eyes look bigger and brighter.

4. Apply a shimmery champagne color in the inner corner of your eyes to brighten your whole face.

5. Apply highlighter onto your brow bone.

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6. Swap out your neutral black or brown liner for a brightly colored one instead.

7. Apply concealer to your under-eye circles after foundation (not before) to better camouflage them.

8. Use eye shadow made for your eye color, like Almay Intense i-Color Kit ($7.49, drugstore.com).

9. To correct eye makeup mistakes or sharpen a cat eye, dip a Q-tip in eye makeup remover and erase the offending makeup.

10. To make your eye color stand out, apply black liner around the entire eye, including the water line.

11. Instead of swiping on eye shadow, press the color into your eyelid with a brush or finger. This will give your lids a more pigmented look.

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12. Keep a clean eye shadow brush or Q-tip in your purse. Whenever you touch up your makeup, run it over your lids to get rid of any excess shadow that has collected in the crease.

13. Camouflage crow’s feet with lighter colored concealer.

14. Use blue eyeliner to make the whites of your eyes appear brighter.

15. Apply eye cream under the eyes and onto the lid before applying your makeup. It will make it go on smoother.

16. For a dramatic eye, apply darker shadow to the crease, as well as a small triangle of color at the outside corner of your eye.

17. Use coconut oil as an all-natural eye makeup remover. It’s gentle, yet effective.

18. After you’ve applied your eye makeup, dab dots of highlighter along the brow bone and around your eye and blend in to brighten the whole area.

19. Apply products to your delicate eye area using your ring finger, which uses less force than your other fingers.

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20. To get a classic smoky eye look, combine a little bit of shimmer, tons of dark eye shadow and a whole lot of smudging.

21. Use a darker shade of concealer to cover up puffy eyes. Darker colors recede, which means bags look less pronounced.

22. If you want a more defined look, use a creamy black eye pencil to rim your eyes.

23. To combat eyes that are both puffy and dark, use an eye cream with built in coverage, like Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream ($98, caudalie.com).

24. You can use darker shades of nude and brown to create a subtle smoky eye look that works on everyone.

25. The most important rule when wearing a smoky eye is that if you go dark, keep the rest of your face soft.

26. Use two colors that are similar but different (like light purple and dark purple) on the lids to create dimension.

27. If your eyes are brown, use navy blue shadow to really make them stand out.

28. For a unique look, dab a brightly colored cream shadow on the inner corners of your eyes.

29. If you have blue eyes, apply a peach color all over your lids and underneath your eyebrows to really make them stand out.

30. To further blend a smoky eye, swipe the same color you use on your lids on your bottom lash line.

31. Rub an ice cube over puffy eyes in the morning to reduce swelling.

32. Don’t be afraid to extend your shadow well above the crease for a dramatic effect. Instead of an intensely dark shadow, a rich café au lait shade looks less harsh.

33. Apply a light colored, cream-based shimmery shadow to the eyelid to open the eye.

34. Change out your mascara every three months. When it comes to your eyes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

35. Never use liner in the inner first third of the eye; it will make eyes seem closer set.

36. If you have green eyes, try out purple eye shadow shades such as lavender, violet, or amethyst. Keep the color sheer so it won’t look garish. For eyeliner, a deep plum is perfect.

37. Create a triangle of opaque white shadow in the inside corner of the eye and up towards the brow to instantly change the shape of your eye.

38. If you’re constantly waking up to puffy eyes, consider changing your laundry detergent. You may be allergic.

39. Apply a primer before eye shadow to give it lasting power and to intensify the color.

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40. If you have blue eyes, go for a warm copper, burnished gold, or rich brown eye shadow. Chocolate is an excellent shade choice for eyeliner.

41. Pair a black liner with pale eye shadow all over the lid and a darker shade in the crease to make the eyes pop.

42. If you have brown hair, use peach and warm neutrals on the eyes.

43. If you have red hair, use neutral eye shadow shades that don’t compete with the hair.

44. Dark eye shadows can be applied with a damp, thin brush on the upper or lower lash line for a defined eye that will last all day.

45. Since dark makeup can make the eyes recede, add depth with shimmery highlight shades.

46. You’ll probably need less eye shadow than you think you will. Start with a tiny bit of product on your brush, and work it outward to create a soft smoke.

47. Erase hard lines of eye shadow by blending in with a brush.

48. Once you’ve applied concealer to dark under-eye circles, follow up with a yellow-based setting powder to help it last longer and to counteract dark circles (yellow cancels out blue and purple).

49. If you’ve applied too much eye shadow, take a Q-tip and dip it into a moisturizer and gently swipe off the tone you need to take down. Then, take your pinky or a sponge tip applicator and just dab on a bit of a neutral shadow to soften the look.

50. Beware of brown eye shadow shades that are reddish, as they can make you look tired or (worse) hungover.

51. Never use an eye shadow that’s the same color as your eyes or nothing will stand out.

52. If you need a smoky eye in a pinch, try Color On Pro kits ($20, coloronpro.com).

dolce gabbana 2060 aw14 pw 101 Ways To Make Your Eyes Pop

Tips For The Perfect Cat Eye

53. When drawing a cat eye, follow the outer bottom lash line upward to get the perfect line.

54. If you have a hard time drawing a straight line of eyeliner at the base of the lids, draw dashes and connect by smudging the liner with a Q-tip.

55. When creating a cat eye, keep applying eyeliner past the length of your eyebrow. You can always remove the excess, but it can be really hard to lengthen a liquid line with precision if you’ve stopped too soon.

56. Use a palette of stone grey shades for a smoky cat eye. Try Bobbi Brown Black Pearl Eye Shadow Palette ($47.50, bloomingdales.com) for a great range of colors.

57. For a daytime cat eye, begin at the inside of the eyelid and drag the liquid liner applicator all the way across the lid to the outside of the eye. When you get to the outside of the eye, move the applicator up and out to create a wing effect. Do not make this line any longer than an eyelash to keep it from being too dramatic.

58. Apply shadow before attempting a cat eye to ensure you don’t smudge it.

59. If you want a daytime-appropriate cat eye, apply a layer of shadow, draw on your cat eye, wait for it to dry, then apply another layer of shadow to tone it down.

60. Tilt your chip up but look down at a mirror when drawing your cat eye.

61. Make your cat eye bold by drawing it on with a bright color, instead of your basic black or brown.

62. If you’re having trouble with liquid liner, draw a practice line with a taupe eyeliner and the trace it with the liquid.

63. If all else fails, try a stick-on Eye Rock Designer Liner ($13, birchbox.com) to get the cat eye you want.

Lush Lashes

64. Use a lash primer before mascara to make lashes look bigger and thicker.

65. Use a small mascara brush on your lower lashes, as well as the lashes near the inner corner of your eyes. A tinier brush makes it easier to grab onto the smaller lashes.

66. Try out false lashes. They make your eyes look bigger.

67. Apply a dark kohl liner to the root of your lashes to make them appear fuller.

68. Skip mascara on the bottom lashes to make eyes appear lifted.

69. No need to stop at one coat of mascara! Wait for the fist coat to dry, then apply another. Just make sure you’re using a non-clumping mascara.

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70. If you wear glasses, go with a lengthening mascara instead of a volumizing one, which can look clumpy when magnified by lenses.

71. When applying mascara, as you move the brush up slightly turn it outward to fully separate lashes.

72. When lining your lashes, push the color into the lashes so there’s no gap between your lashes and the line. You want the liner to look like a part of your lashes.

73. Layer individual false eyelashes along the top lash line. Use black mascara on the top lashes and brown on the bottom.

74. For extra long lashes, place the tip of the mascara brush on the outer corners of your lashes first, do a few strokes, then work your way in. Extending those corner lashes will make your eyes look more open.

75. Place the mascara wand at the very base of your lash, then, using a side-to-side motion, wiggle the wand upwards in one long, even stroke.

76. When using a lash curler, clamp down at the base, move the curler out, clamp down, move the curler to the ends and clamp down again.

77. Use a metal-toothed lash comb to help separated clumped lashes.

78. Don’t layer different mascaras, as some formulas don’t work well together, making clumps inevitable.

79. Highlight under the eyes to brighten the face and bring attention to the eyes.

80. Don’t pump your mascara wand too many times in the bottle. It pushes air in, which can create clumps.

81. If your lashes are already clumped, take a spiral brush and remove the mascara by swirling against the lashes.

82. If your lashes are thin, dust them with translucent powder before applying mascara to add bulk.

01 mini makeover 101 Ways To Make Your Eyes Pop

Tips For Better Brows

83. When filling in brows, make tiny hair-like marks with your brow pencil for a more realistic look.

84. Use a primer on your eyebrows before applying pencil or powder. It’ll make the product stay on much longer.

85. If you want a more defined eyebrow, use a stencil to help shape them, like Anastasia Brow Stencils ($20, anastasia.net).

86. Use clear mascara to groom your brows and keep them in place.

87. When plucking eyebrows, be sure to pluck in the direction of the hair. Otherwise, you could end up with an ingrown hair.

88. When penciling in your brows, extend the tail end so it’s higher or at the same level as where the brow begins (never lower, which brings down your features).

89. For a bold nighttime look, use a brow powder that’s a shade darker than you typically wear.

90. If your brows are sparse, try combing them downward instead of up after you fill in with pencil. This way, the hair will cover the pencil marks and create a more natural finish.

91. Thin brows make you look older, so don’t be afraid to fake a fuller look.

92. Never tweeze when you’re bored or angry, or you might end up taking off more than you intended.

93. The highest point of the brow should be about two-thirds of the way out, not in the middle of the brow.

94. Use a brow regrowth serum with active ingredients, like Joey Healy Brow Renovation Serum ($125, joeyhealy.com) to help sparse eyebrows grow back in.

95. Make sure brows start at the bridge of your nose.

96. If you have a square-shaped face, go for a thick brow.

97. If you have a round face, aim for a more defined brow arch to make your face appear more oval.

98. If you have a long face, go for a straight, flat brow shape.

99. Don’t feel the need to make your eyebrows match your hair color exactly. Sometimes it’s more flattering to go lighter or darker than your natural color.

100. Remember that brows are sisters, not twins, so no amount of plucking will ever make them identical.

101. If your eyebrows are out of control, then brush them upward with a clear mascara and then trim them ever so slightly.

Ten Ways To Get Soft Shiny Hair Naturally

Do you have the wish of getting soft and shiny hairs naturally? Well getting long, thick and soft hairs is the utmost wish of each single woman. Some of the women often face the dull and dry hairs at the time of the seasonal happenings but that is just in case when you don’t take care of your hairs. Keeping the hairs naturally in care will always going to show the excellent results.
Now without wasting any time below we will going to share some of the main tips with the help of which you can learn that how to get shiny soft hairs naturally:
Tips To Get Soft Shiny Hair Naturally:
1. You can make the use of honey and lemon treatment for the hairs.You just need to make the mixture of all the items in one bowl and then massage it over the hairs for 5 minutes and then leave hair for 15 minutes. Lemon will going to help out at the best level in clearing away the oiliness and dandruff from the hairs. It will going to act as the conditioner that will be helpful in making the hairs soft and shiny.
Ten Ways To Get Soft Shiny Hair Naturally

Ten Ways To Get Soft Shiny Hair Naturally

2. In addition you can even use Aloe Vera gel into the hairs. Aloe Vera gel will going to provide the hairs with the proper nourishment and offer them out with the glowing effect. In addition it will going to be helpful in treating with the scalp infections and itchy scalp.
3. For the deep hair treatment you can make the use of egg and honey as well. You just need to mix up four full spoons of honey to 2 eggs. Now you have to apply this paste into the hair scalp for about 25 minutes. This massage will going to set the hairs with the feel of being shiny and soft as well.
4. For making natural conditioner for hairs you can make the use of banana. It will going to act as the hair mask and rinse it in the company of warm water. You can even add honey to banana for getting hair smooth.
5. On the last we have the green tea that you can use for getting the shiny hairs. You can take warm water and mix green tea packs in it. Make sure that the water should not be hot.
Natura Healthy Hair

Natura Healthy Hair

6. You should simply avoid washing the hairs daily as they will going to increase the production of oil inside the hair scalp. You can make the choice of washing the hairs twice times in one week.
7. In addition don’t put yourself in the hair dying habits all the time. Hair dying will going to make the hairs dry, dull and lifeless.
8. For keeping the hairs naturally soft and shiny you should avoid using the natural heating products. Don’t make extra use of hair straightener, blow drying or curling rod as it can damage the hairs and can cause breakage.
9. You should be taking vitamin supplements for making the hairs healthy in growth such as Omega-3 oil, fish egg phospholipids, and vitamin E.
10. On the last we will going to mention the tips about split ends! You should be trimming the hairs after every 3 weeks so that you can keep them all away from facing the split ends.
Follow the above mentioned 10 tips for getting soft and shiny hairs naturally! All the best!

How To Make Face Wash At Home For Oily Skin

Oily skin is always disturbing for the women. It can mainly take place at the time of summer season. Oily skin tone can just be controlled with the help of excellent face washes. Sometimes market face washes can give temporary results so it’s better to try with some homemade face washes who 100% confirm the arrival of the permanent results. There are many homemade face washes as well that can treat the oily skin tone.
Below is the method of homemade face wash that will young to help you in treating with your oily skin: Are you ready to make this oily skin homemade face wash?
Steps To Make Face Wash At Home For Oily Skin:

The main and important steps for making face wash at home for dull oily skin are given below.
1.    In the very beginning you have to cut down 1/4 of a cucumber. Now you have to cut the quarter into small pieces.
2.    Now you have to take the cup and then put all the pieces into a cup. Now pour 1 tablespoon of lemon juice in addition to a large stalk of mint. Now you have to place 3 small stalks into the cup.

How To Make Face Wash At Home For Oily Skin

How To Make Face Wash At Home For Oily Skin

3.    Now all the items that you have poured into the cup just place it into the blender. Now start mashing it until and unless it don’t turn into the form of liquid.
4.    If you are making the use of blender machine then you just have to blend in support of 15 seconds.
5.    Now you have to place the cup. But make sure that you don’t get panic if it looks like relish.
6.    Now with the help of fingertips just start massaging it over the face. Massage it gently in the upward direction. Make sure that you are massaging it on the whole face so that it can show its results on the entire oily skin cells
7.    Now you have to wait around for ten minute and then as the paste will get dry just wash it with water. Don’t make the use of soap or any other kind of face wash.
So here we have all ended up with some of the main steps with the help of which you can make the face wash at home for the oily skin. Start making it now and make your skin all free from the oiliness.

Helping Me Love the Skin I’m in

When I was growing up I was a total tomboy. I never understood the beauty regimens that my older female relatives undertook. I thought it was pure vanity and silliness when my bother would look in the mirror and see a new wrinkle and sigh. When I got a little older I understood a little better how feeling pretty can make your whole day better.. I even started going tanning so I could look as sun-kissed and beautiful as the models and women on television. Now my skin is prematurely wrinkled and I am mortified. I tried collaskin while on holiday in Indonesia last fall. I honestly didn’t expect it to do much.

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The Essentials of Professionals – The Basics

The Many Benefits You Get from Getting Live-in Caregivers

The live-in caregivers are important for those people who are suffering from permanent illness or disability such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. There are also many of those who are choosing to hire live-in caregivers for the elder family members too. Live-in caregivers can stay with you 24/7 and they can also offer the best services to those needy people.

So where should you go when you need live-in caregivers? It is just so simple, what you will have to do is to contact a home health care agency. They can provide you with experienced caregivers. You can definitely trust the live-in caregivers as they are trained in dealing with emergency medical issues. They don’t also just provide medical and other help but they can also offer you with extended care.

However, the individuals must clarify issues first which offer home health care services. Prior to finalizing the deal with these agencies, you need to take care of the steps first. You should be checking the certification and licensing first. The professionals that work in the home-based health care as well as caregiver services obtain certification and licensing from the Department of Health. If you choose a caregiver for an elderly individual, then you should take a look at the certification and the licensing of the people which would come to your house to serve your old parents or grandparents.

Moreover, you must check the agencies’ credibility. There are lots of people that would hire health care professionals or caregivers through various agencies which offer home aids. But, it is quite important that you check the past records as well as the credibility of the agencies. To be able to find the best service provider, then you should do some homework about the quality of the services offered by them. You can find a government agency that provides a rating to home health care agencies. You should be checking the rating offered by them.

What you should be doing next is to check their customer care. You should ensure the customer care provided by the agency that you have selected. During emergencies or general inquiries, you should be able to get customer support as well. The agency which is equipped with functional customer care department must be preferred.

It is also a great idea that you go for the permanent caregivers. Make sure that you check the status of the person when you are going to hire a caregiver for your loved ones. You need to check if they are direct employees of the agency or if they are working on a part time basis. You must hire the permanent caregivers because they are more experienced and they are more accountable to the agency and the patient.

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